Earth Science
Astronomy Here is website you may wish to keep for your Astronomy class…

Climate Online text with activities. Some of the visualizations are really neat. Data on climate.$File/wheelcard.pdf Climate activity. Interactive map showing climate issues around the world. Interesting interface… Good information, but too much reading for me… The IPCC has some neat political stuff. For instance this specific link has a press conference with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and his UN proposal. I love matrices...Sorry. This may be a bit late, but it seems really neat. Have the kids dress up, use the Promethean Board as a weather map…

Epicenter of an Earthquake Just open up this site and have the compass (and ruler if needed) from the power tools from your Promethean ActivBoard software do all the work.

Foucault's Pendulum Not bad. - This is a 14 page step by step. It is loaded with information in a very kid friendly style. Awesome. Short animation with simultaneous 3 views. Not bad. Animation Search for Foucault's Pendulum A site with tons of physics animations.

Global Statistics This link is an interesting site for world statistics.

Landslides and Erosion!.htm Some nice info and graphics of landslides. A governmental program dedicated to landslide preparedness. Lesson from the USGS. Really nice video (Slow Loading) w/ 5 page pdf lesson plan link at the right of the page. If you plan on showing this you may want to give it time to load before class starts. has an excellent resource video on landslides. Just type in the search bar land slides. There is even a lesson plan and quiz located under the “Related Materials” tab at the right of the page. Again slow loading, however you can download the entire video or just little segments and embed them right into a PowerPoint presentation. If you need any help using United Streaming, I received some training on it the last time I was at the IU. Site with definitions and representative pictures of the different types of Chemical and Mechanical Weathering. Check out Chapter 12.

Meteorology Check out book I.,6440,219388-,00.html I think I’m a bit over my head with all of the stuff you can take with this site. Tons of material here.
I downloaded and attached a Power Point form the Prentice Hall website. It looks pretty nice. There are others on: Check out unit 6, there is a lot of neat stuff there. An outline with assessment of an entire online textbook. A webquest on Global Warming (Pro or Con) Millersville Weather Information Center

Plate Tectonics Not the best animation, but it does show how landmasses move. It also has a narrator. This site is specific to the origins of Antarctica. Cool animation though. Nice animation. Another cool site.

Time Zone This doesn’t have much in terms of interactivity, but it is loaded with some historical facts about the topic of time. A little tricky to read, but it has the current time displayed in time zones across the globe. This site contains a list of all time zone abbreviations around the world. or These sites have graphics that shows the places of day and night around the world.

Tornadoes and Hurricanes Awesome tornado animation. Okay hurricane animation. Wow, this is awesome. More tornado animations, but cooler…You gotta check out the last slide…There are also links to the right of the presentation for hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis. Nice hurricane animation. Neat interactive tornado animation; set the controls to max and watch the cow. Neat flash with some safety tornado tips. This animation has both tornadoes and hurricanes. Intense tornado stuff.

Tsunami Resources What a cool site. Awesome video clips. One of them even shows an example of tidal drawback. Just click on the view button in the middle of the page. Less fancy, but adequate. This has some ok videos.

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